News of the foundation activities

March 3, 2018

Menyumbangkan sepasang Alat Pendengaran kepada Liyana

Pada 29/01/2018 Pertubuhan Membantu Pesakit Parah Miskin amat berbesar hati untuk menyumbangkan sepasang Alat Pendengaran berjumlah RM5,720.00 kepada Liyana Atiqah Bt Abd. Ghafar. Semoga bantuan yang […]
March 3, 2018

Menyumbangkan Alat Pendengaran kepada Hidayat

Pihak Pertubuhan Pesakit Parah Miskin Malaysia amat berbesar hati untuk menyumbangkan sebuah Alat Pendengaran kepada MHD Hidayat Bin Zubir. Semoga bantuan yang diberikan dapat meringankan bebannya. […]
March 3, 2018

Menyumbangkan kerusi Roda

Pihak Pertubuhan Membantu Pesakit Parah Miskin Malaysia amat berbesar hati untuk menyumbangkan sebuah kerusi Roda kepada Encik Jeswant Singh A/L Lachman Singh. Semoga bantuan yang diberikan […]

One of our key focus areas is supplying poor patients with the basic medical needs. Some of these equipment are vital for post hospital care and most to ensure a decent quality of life for poor patients. Some of the equipment and supplies that we provide and needed

Fund Raising

Your Donation Changes Lives

Your donation enables disadvantaged persons to get access to services that improve their lives. Every gift counts!

Even, Your monthly giving provides reliable support where its most needed. You enable a better future for the less fortunate.

Equipment Donation

Donation of Medical Equipment

Some patients registered with PMPPMM are supported with medical equipment such as oxygen concentrators, hospital beds, ripple mattresses, syringe drivers, and other necessary equipment at absolutely no charge.

Those who prefer giving in-kind donations may consider donating medical equipment for our patient’s use. Other than that, you can also donate office equipment to be used by our clinical and administrative staff..